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SunPower Advantage Installer Program

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Introducing the new SunPower Advantage Installer Program

Building on our decades of experience supporting installers to grow their businesses with the most efficient, powerful1 Most Efficient, Poweful: Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of May, 2019. and reliable2 Most Reliable: Jordan, et. al. Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application. PVSC 2018 solar available, the SunPower Advantage Installer Program was created to allow our installers to differentiate from the competition, take advantage of new opportunities and boost sales.

The SunPower Advantage Installer Program is a support and reward platform that will help you achieve your business objectives. Our aim is to build a mutually beneficial partnership, based on trust and loyalty, that provides you with access to the tools you need to successfully sell and install SunPower products.

The SunPower Advantage Program will be primarily launched in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Spain

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SunPower Advantage Installer

Enjoy the benefits of the SunPower Advantage Program

Sunpower Advantage Installer Program



SunPower Advantage Installer Badge

As you increase your loyalty to SunPower, we will unlock additional program benefits, such as use of the SunPower badge. The SunPower brand is trusted by homeowners and businesses across the world as a sign of quality, reliability and value. Promote your partnership with us and display the SunPower badge to inspire confidence in your customers.

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Additional Warranty Service* Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Spain. The Labor Reimbursement Program (“Labor Reimbursement Program”) is designed to help entitled “Advantage Installers” that do not have a product purchase agreement with Maxeon Solar Technologies, during the warranty period of 25 years after installation, to offset a portion of the service/labor costs related to replacing a failed panel that has been installed in a PV solar system located in the countries where the program is rolled out: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Spain This Labor Reimbursement Program is separate from our standard limited product warranties applied in those territories and is only accessible to Advantage Installers. More details and process available on the dedicated Advantage installer website.

Set yourself apart from other installers by providing your customers with an additional warranty service through the Advantage Program.

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Expert Knowledge

Our full training suite will allow you to delight your customers with professional and knowledgeable service. Access Expert knowledge with specialized SunPower training

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Rewards for Your Loyalty

Join the program and earn rewards. The more SunPower panels you install, the more points you will earn. Scan your purchases and redeem your points online. Our catalog offers a wide range of prizes that you can use to reward your customers and sales team.

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Advantage Program Portal

Our online portal provides you with easy access to comprehensive training materials and exclusive tools.

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Marketing Support and Materials

Stay equipped with the latest sales tools such as brochures, product datasheets, fact sheets, and SunPower collateral for use at events, meetings and customer sales appointments.

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Get SunPower insights through our newsletter. Receive the latest news from SunPower about new products and tools, company news, and marketing materials.

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Let us know about customer stories that we can feature on our website and in social media channels. Benefit from SunPower's brand awareness and digital platforms to market your company.

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Join the SunPower Advantage Installer Program

Contact your local SunPower distributor to find out how you can become a member of the SunPower Advantage program.