SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

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Not all solar is made equal. SunPower Maxeon panels are the toughest, most powerful panel for decades’ worth of energy.


More energy
than any other panel

Maxeon panels create more energy for 
decades than any other panel thanks to 
their industry-leading output and 
warranted 40-year life.

than any other panel

Engineered for extremes, Maxeon panels are 
the toughest, most powerful, 
most advanced panel 
in the industry.

than any other panel

Maxeon panels are the most sustainable 
panel you can buy. 
In the race against climate change, 
how your panel is made matters.

Product Details

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Maximum energy creation

  • Highest recorded efficiency
  • Highest quality materials (n type silicon and anti reflective glass) convert more sunlight into energy all day and captures more sunlight from early mornings to cloudy days.
  • Lowest degradation rate ensures your panel creates energy for the long term
  • Less power lost in common shade situations (2.5% lower power loss in shading compared to HJT in internal study)
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Designed for your rooftop

Your roof withstands all kinds of challenges like heat, rain, snow, salt, so make sure your panel can power through the challenges.
  • Solid metal foundation prevents and contains cracks to keep energy flowing
  • Strongest cell connections to ensure energy is made from the coolest mornings through the hottest afternoons
  • Humidity resistant security layer and reinforced electrical housing stops rain, harsh salty air or destructive damp heat from internal corrosion
  • Salt resistant, protective frame and thick, hail resistant glass

A brighter tomorrow

  • Very short energy payback time means the energy required to produce Maxeon solar panels offsets the amount of energy need to produce it in just a few months. This ensures that Maxeon panels provide positive environmental benefits for 39 years or more.
  • Materials sourcing and recyclability ensures that at the end of its 40+ year life, the panels can be recycled and given a new life outside of landfill.

White version

Highest power, highest efficiency

Maxeon6-AC_66 cell-Black

Black version

Beautiful design to match your home


Available with factory-integrated microinverter

How it works


Solid metal

Prevents and contains cracks so your energy keeps flowing
Solar Cells

cell connections

Ensure energy is made from the coolest mornings through the hottest afternoons
Standards Durable

Built for
the elements

Salt resistant, protective frame and thick, hail resistant glass

How reliable are SunPower Maxeon Solar panels?

Let us count the ways. Only 1 in 20,000 panels are returned to us under warranty - that’s 0.005%.

But we have the industry’s longest, most comprehensive warranty, just in case. It covers the panel and its performance, it’s much easier to process than standard warranties in the unlikely event that you will need it. We also include broader coverage for panel repair and replacement compared to other warranties, you can rest assured that you’re supported for decades to come.


FAQs about our SunPower Maxeon Solar Panel

How do SunPower Performance solar panels differ from SunPower® Maxeon® panel technology?

SunPower® Performance solar panels use high efficiency mono PERC cells, as opposed to SunPower's proprietary back contact technology developed for our Maxeon panels.

How much do SunPower Maxeon panels cost?

With solar, as with many things, “you get what you pay for.” Not all solar systems are alike. The quality of the technology matters in the long run. The durability, reliability and efficiency of solar panels can vary widely by manufacturer. If you settle for Conventional Panels that might cost less out-of-pocket, you can expect to see average (or below average) results and less savings over time.

A higher quality panel like SunPower Maxeon might cost a little more up front, but you will see more predictable performance in the long run. SunPower Maxeon panels generate more energy, last longer, are backed by a stronger warranty, and are produced more sustainably than Conventional Panels. This means SunPower Maxeon panels will offset more of your electricity bill, saving you more, and do so with the peace of mind you expect from a top-quality product.

What is the typical performance advantage gained from using SunPower Maxeon panels?

A SunPower Maxeon solar panel can provide up to 85% more energy over its lifetime1 Power output varies by installation and location. Please consult your installer partner about expected output for the life of your system.  compared to other panels. It has a strong power output advantage from day one and maintains that power advantage over time with a .2% annual degradation rate. With its industry-leading 40-year warranty, this panel will grow in value over time.

How do SunPower Maxeon solar panels differ from Conventional Panels?

SunPower Maxeon panels also deliver greater peace of mind, having earned the trust of experts by being more reliable and durable - and backed by our industry-leading Complete Confidence Warranty. Not only is this warranty stronger, but unlike most conventional warranties, it is based on actual field-testing data. For example, the power warranty promises no more than a 0.25%/ year power drop. This is backed by a study of more than 230MW across 149 actual global sites using a methodology developed in collaboration with NREL. We also know from actual field data that only 0.005% or 1 in 20,000 SunPower Maxeon panels have been returned under warranty4 .Lastly, SunPower Maxeon panels are built with our customers in mind, which means higher sustainability standards and more elegant design aesthetics than Conventional Panels. SunPower Maxeon panels have pioneered sustainability efforts in solar manufacturing, and have been recognized with the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified™ designation for direct current (DC) panels. The Cradle to Cradle designation demonstrates the products' quality based on rankings of material health, material reutilization, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social fairness.

SunPower Maxeon panels were also the first solar panel to disclose its ingredients through the Declare label. In March 2020, our Mexicali, Mexico manufacturing facility was re-certified by NSF Sustainability as Zero Waste to Landfill – and remains the only solar panel manufacturing facility to achieve this. The certification means that this facility diverts more than 99% of its waste, with 1% or less going to landfills.

The back-contact cell design of SunPower Maxeon panels also delivers an uncluttered and elegant design aesthetic – with panels available in black and white backsheets. This has made SunPower Maxeon panels the panel of choice for architects and designers.


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