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The only way to make a meaningful impact is to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we’ve been pushing the boundaries of solar innovation every day for 39 years - from the very edge of outer space to countless rooftops below. Every day, pioneers and innovators around the world put their trust in our advanced solar technology.

And so do our more than one million customers around the world who, by choosing our renowned panel technology and intelligent energy solutions, are building a cleaner, smarter and brighter tomorrow.

Big dreams start with small steps.
Day by day, ray by ray.
Back contact

A fundamentally
different technology

Our back contact cells are stronger and more reliable1 Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 panel manufacturers per IHS, as of January 2020.  than other 
solar cells.


More rewards
and less risk

Our Maxeon solar panels last longer and generate more energy1 5% more energy on average from the same rated watts compared to standard mono PERC panels (Based on PVSYST simulations in typical climates; PAN files are third-party verified; compared to leading mono PERC panel).  and savings over time2 Maxeon solar panels are backed up by a 40-year warranty. Subject to terms and conditions. Not available in all countries. Jordan, D. et. al. “Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application.” PVSC 2019  than standard panels


A leader
in sustainability

Our Maxeon panels are as clean as the energy they produce. Supported by third-party certifications.

Technology that works harder

Maxeon’s leadership in solar technology is built on nearly 40 years of R&D leading to major advances in solar cell and panel efficiency and cost.

The result? A strong portfolio of over 1,650 patents on our innovative panel technology.

Maxeon Solar Cell technology