SunPower Performance solar panels

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Making the conventional, exceptional.

SunPower Performance solar panels combine conventional cells with 39 years of material and manufacturing expertise to deliver panels that surpass the performance, reliability and aesthetics of Conventional Panels.
Standards Durable

High, predictable
energy yield

Independent studies estimate as much as 30% of panels experience reliability issues within 10 years of deployment. The advanced engineering of the Performance panel stands up to real world challenges day in and day out, nearly eliminating the ways standard panels fail.
Green energy

Transparent, responsible
production at scale

SunPower Performance panels represent Maxeon’s commitment to responsible production for the planet, your customers and your shareholders. You can feel confident in your purchase knowing each panel is produced with the highest quality standards of materials and human rights.

Product details


On efficiency

  • High efficiency, LeTID /LID resistant solar cells
  • Advanced electrical architecture to generate the energy you need to hedge future operating costs

On durability

  • Electrical architecture is resilient against shade and soiling, while mitigating hotspot formation - An advanced encapsulant (POE) limits humidity induced corrosion
  • Small, shingled cells lower current and resistive loss ensuring panels will last longer and more sunlight makes into electricity
  • Framed glass glass construction provides greater sunlight capture in all conditions and improved durability against mechanical stresses (bifacial only)

How it works

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Our ethics

  • Strict conflict minerals policy to support responsible sourcing of raw materials
  • Zero tolerance policy for violations of human and labour rights across supply chain
  • Work with ELEVATE, a trusted provider of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA) to assess supply chain operations and working conditions
  • NASDAQ listed organisation with strict governing principles intended to guide company stability and endurance for the long term, globally
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Warranty & reliability

How reliable are Performance Solar Panels?

The SunPower Performance panel delivers energy production your bottom line can count on, leveraging high efficiency sells and an advanced electrical architecture to generate the energy you need to hedge future operating costs.


SunPower Performance panel for businesses - FAQs

How do SunPower Performance panels help businesses minimise up-front project costs?

SunPower Performance panels are designed to provide better performance and reliability than conventional panels. This means businesses can achieve their energy goals with fewer panels, leading to reduced installation costs. Additionally, the advanced technology and design features of these panels ensure maximum energy output, offering better value for the investment.

How do SunPower Performance panels contribute to long-term cost savings for businesses?

SunPower Performance solar panels help organisations minimise up-front project costs. Their enhanced reliability and durability mean fewer maintenance issues and longer panel lifespan, leading to long-term cost savings. The panels' superior efficiency also ensures optimal energy production, reducing energy bills over time.

What warranty and service does SunPower offer businesses for its Performance solar panels?

SunPower is known for its commitment to quality and service, offering at 30-year Complete Confidence Panel Warranty. Given their track record and the advanced technology used in the Performance panels, businesses can expect more energy and reliability over traditional front contact panels.

How do SunPower Performance solar panels ensure better performance and reliability compared to conventional panels?

SunPower Performance solar panels combine conventional cells with SunPower's 39 years of materials and manufacturing expertise. This results in panels that surpass the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of conventional panels. The innovative shingled cell design, conductive adhesives developed for aerospace, and proprietary encapsulants all contribute to enhanced reliability and performance.

What is the typical performance advantage gained from using SunPower Performance panels?

We built the Performance solar panels for high reliability, high efficiency and low degradation—driving an estimated 8% more energy yield in a fixed space over the first 30 years of operation when compared to Conventional mono PERC Panels1.

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