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Ever seen the kilowatts you’ve used and thought kilo-what?
Now, the SunPower One app is here to make energy- and money-saving easy to understand and act on1Use of the SunPower One app requires installation of the SunPower Reserve energy storage system.. As part of your SunPower home energy storage system, you'll always know how and when your energy is being used — so you can make the most of the clean solar energy you produce.

is power

Track exactly how much solar energy your home generates, stores and uses in real-time.
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Real change at your fingertips

Expose devious power-hungry appliances – yes, any electric device, not just your SunPower ones – with expert tips on how to save more energy.



Your personal energy advisor

Our SunPower One app gives you expert tips, maps the money and carbon you’ve saved over time, and keeps you in charge of energy use. All while being easy to understand and, yes, fun! Are you ready to meet your personal solar energy advisor?

One app. All your power 

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How it works

Reserve - battery
Reserve - battery
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