SunPower Maxeon cells

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Your next project deserves the most powerful, durable cells.

SunPower Maxeon cells have redefined the boundaries of solar for almost 40 years. They are the heart of our industry-leading solar panels but can also be used independently in all kinds of applications from space to sea.


Maxeon cells create the highest levels of energy thanks to its patented design, industry leading efficiency and highest quality production.
Shield Protection


Built to meet challenges: Engineered for extremes, Maxeon cells power through all kinds of challenges like heat, rain, snow, and salt, so you’ve got power when and where you need it.


The back contact design of the Maxeon Solar cell technology allows a seamless appearance on the surface of the cell.

Product details


Highest recorded efficiency

  • Up to 24.9% certified efficiency
  • Highest quality materials and production (n type silicon, patented cell design) converts more sunlight starting earlier, lasting later and through unfavorable light conditions
  • Unique smaller size (125mm) adaptable for wider range of applications
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Trusted durability

  • Durable cell design flexes when others break. It protects the cell in fluctuating temperatures and perfect for curved surfaces, such as vehicle roofs, bonnets or tailgates.
  • Solid metal foundation prevents cracks to keep energy flowing and prevents damage from water, harsh salty air or destructive damp heat.
  • Excellent uniform appearance for seamless integration into your design
  • Versatility to perform in many lamination processes (such as glass-glass , composite, polycarbonate)


SunPower Maxeon cells represent our commitment to responsible production for the planet and for our community. You can feel confident in your purchase knowing each cell is produced with the highest quality standards of materials and human rights
  • Named Top 100 most sustainable companies
  • Strict conflict minerals policy to support responsible sourcing of raw materials
  • Independent assessments and a zero tolerance policy for violations of human and labour rights across supply chain

Solar Cell Stories

race car

Efficient solar cells chosen by champions

Maxeon’s efficient solar cells have fueled more than two dozen solar race cars around the world, and helped planes and boats circumnavigate the planet on solar energy.

Taking solar to new heights

When failure is not an option, the most adventurous and demanding solar pioneers choose SunPower Maxeon solar cell technology to help them set world records. 
SolarStratos, the first manned solar plane aims to reach the Stratosphere powered only by the sun.
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Build your own cell strings

We have prepared an easy instruction guide to support you. Feel free to contact us from the inquiry page and let us know if you need one.
What you need:
  • Cells
  • Tabs, Shield tape
  • String jig

SunPower Maxeon solar cells FAQs

How can I attach the Interconnection tabs to the cells?

There are a number of methods but often cell customers use a soldering iron. Also we have an instruction guide that explains how to connect the cell and tabs so feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.

What is the difference between High and Medium Cosmetic Quality?

Cells with a high cosmetic quality have slight color variations on the front side. After laminating, the color of the solar cells has a dark appearance even with a black background. Cells with a moderate cosmetic quality have some color variations on the front side. After laminating, the color variations on the cells became less obvious but are often still visible when inspected from short distances.

Is there any instruction guide so that I can use it safely?

Yes, we have an instruction guide to share so feel free to contact us from inquiry.

I see SunPower cells for sale on the internet. Are these sales by Maxeon Solar Technologies also?

These are not SunPower or Maxeon Solar Technologies sales sites. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness or safety of those cells.


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