SunPower home energy storage

Take power into your own hands

The SunPower Reserve battery stores your solar energy and lets you access it when you need it, while the SunPower One app helps you manage it better.

Save money, cut carbon. Easy.

Check your clean energy storage status anytime. Or change your settings from anywhere. Act on the app’s insights and track your progress towards greater money and carbon savings – in very easy and understandable terms.


is power

The SunPower One app makes energy-saving easy to understand. Learn how you use energy at home, your most power-hungry devices and tips based on your usage - simply download the SunPower One app for clear and actionable data at your fingertips.


in an outage

Along with powering sustainable change, the SunPower Reserve battery can protect your home from grid instability. If there’s a power outage, the battery reliably kicks in – you might not even notice it’s happened.
Together, SunPower Reserve and SunPower One make going off-grid easy, giving you complete insight into your home’s energy flow.

What is a solar storage battery?

A solar storage battery stores excess energy generated by solar panels for later use. When solar panels aren't producing electricity like at night or during cloudy days, the stored energy in the battery can be used to power homes. This enhances the self-sufficiency of a solar energy system, reduces reliance on the grid, and ensures a consistent power supply even when the sun isn't shining.

Store the sun smartly and safely

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Store and use solar at the same time

Typically, your solar power either charges your battery or powers your home. SunPower Reserve does both at once.

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Safe and green battery

LFP’s stable chemical structure makes it one of the safest batteries you can have at home, and we never compromise on safety.

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Highest-quality installation

Your all-in-one storage system will be installed by a SunPower partner certified to install our products.

How it works

Take power into your own hands with the SunPower One app

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Making energy
make sense

The SunPower One app translates the kilowatts into the money and carbon you are saving. And you can see your energy use broken down by appliance category, so you know exactly where your energy is going.
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Take control
of your energy bills

You'll get expert tips based on your usage about how to save more energy. And as the system learns your energy usage patterns over time, it can help you save up to 15% annually on your power bills.
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It's a whole
new perspective

You can always see how much power your home is making, storing and using in real time, but with SunPower One you can easily track the impact of every change you make too, helping you get the most out of your solar.

Download the app and try the demo today.

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