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Sustainability is our DNA

As a purpose-driven global organisation, we believe we can make the greatest impact by joining the 12,000 + companies in 160 countries who also believe that together, we can make the world a better place. That is why, beginning in our first year of operation in 2020, Maxeon Solar Technologies is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, solar panel sustainability and anti-corruption.

Solar Panel

Solar panel sustainability requires thinking about their impacts in a multi-dimensional way. Long-term change will come from rethinking the way we make and use consumable products. As such, we annually track and record key metrics associated with the manufacture of SunPower products, including water use, energy use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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Now you can have the most sustainable solar panels on the market without sacrificing performance and with an incredible 40-year warranty, your Maxeon panels won’t need to be replaced for decades, greatly reducing waste. And very much increasing your peace of mind.

Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panel

with purpose

We are at the forefront of creating a Circular Economy in the solar industry. SunPower Maxeon panels are lead-free and made with recyclable materials in our resource-efficient facilities. Each panel benefits from third-party certifications so you can have the confidence to take the right action for you and for the planet.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Central to our UN commitment is the alignment of our ESG strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is the ideal blueprint for broadening our approach to sustainability and decarbonisation across the more than 100 countries we serve.

While our operations impact each of the 17 SDGs directly and indirectly, Maxeon will be focusing on four specific goals. They are consistent with our purpose of Powering Positive ChangeTM. They are also linked to the Maxeon Values that make us who we are, as a company and as a culture, and define what we stand for with our customers and investors. Uniting for a better world is not a bespoke effort for us – it is part of everything we do, core to how and why we do it.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

The challenge:
Global material footprint from all industry worldwide: 85.9 billion metric tons.​*

How we can help:
Achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources​.

How we are helping today:
We pioneered an award winning, industry-first circular approach to solar panel manufacturing and became the first Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver solar panel, as well as the first and only manufacturer to disclose all ingredients through the Declare Label. We also produce 100% of our high-efficiency solar cells in LEED® Gold-certified facilities and have improved our resource use annually for four consecutive years.

*Source: United Nations, The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020.


Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

The challenge:
789 Million people worldwide live in extreme energy poverty with no access to safe, reliable electricity.*

How we can help:
Increase the renewable energy share of the global energy mix.

How we are helping today:
We work to increase access to renewable energy and its benefits in developing countries. Strategic partners and customers using our technology in ways that advance this goal include: Water Mission, Nokero, Yolk, Mee Panyar.

Globally, customers using our solar technology have avoided more than 80 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent.*

*Source: United Nations, The Energy Progress Report, 2020.


Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

The challenge:
80 million people globally​ fled war, persecution and conflict in 2019.​*

How we can help:
Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.

How we are helping today:
We proactively work with socially equitable and environmentally vigilant suppliers, and we regularly assess our supply chain for compatible eco-friendly practices.

*Source: UN Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.


Reduce inequality within and among countries

The challenge:
Inequality is growing for more than 70% of the global population.*

How we can help:
Empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all.

How we are helping today:
Social progress is a journey, with the world’s rising inequalities made even more clear by the pandemic. Our focus on worker safety during the pandemic and our ongoing commitment to EHS form our foundation. We expect to set our sights further in the coming years with our 2030 targets.

*Source: United Nations.

Our sustainability practices

Not only do our products help others reduce their carbon footprint, but we measure our own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact.
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Measuring our impact

View our latest sustainability report via the link below. Prior reports are available in the resource library located at the bottom of this page.

Certifications & Awards


Cradle to Cradle Silver

First and only major solar company with a Silver Cradle to Cradle Silver certification.


Corporate Knights index

Maxeon is one of the 50 most sustainable corporations according to the Corporate Knights index.


Going landfill-free

Our panel manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico has been recognised with the solar industry’s first and only Zero-Waste-To-Landfill certification.

SunPower Malaysia FAB3_Manufacturing_Modco Inspection_Jan22-HERO

Declare Label

Our Maxeon panel is the only panel to voluntarily carry a Declare Label for ingredient transparency.

LEED Gold Certified green building

100% of cells produced in LEED Gold facilities

While a conventional solar panel can achieve points for the basic categories such as "Renewable Energy", SunPower Maxeon panels can contribute to several additional categories based on their use of more sustainable materials.

CTA-EVENTS-34_SunPower ONE_Smart_Ecosystem_Intersolar_5425x3500px

Interested in more certifications?