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19 Ways to Save Energy at Home

Easy energy tips to save money and conserve electricity

Conserving Energy at Home

While we’re all spending more time at home during this global crisis, we’re also using more energy. Taking small steps to save energy can make a big difference for the environment and your electric bill. Here are some helpful tips for conserving energy and saving money on your bill. 


Save Energy Electronics at Home



  • Plug devices into one power strip and power off when not in use.
  • Stream media on small screens like cell phones and tablets.
  • Turn down brightness features and utilize “eco” modes.
  • Utilize sleep and hibernate features on devices.
  • Charge your mobile phone for a few hours (that’s all that’s needed), rather than overnight.


Save Energy Appliances at Home



  • Turn off and unplug appliances when not in-use. This includes easy-to-forget items like lights, coffee makers and printers.
  • Use your microwave instead of your stove when cooking.
  • Avoid opening the oven while it’s on - the temperature can drop 14℃
  • Run full loads of laundry and dishes and do so at night, or hand wash instead. 
  • Wash clothes in cold water rather than warm or hot. 
  • Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights, and light-emitting diode bulbs, which use anywhere from 25-80% less electricity and last longer than traditional bulbs. 
  • Turn off lights when not in use.
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. 
  • Open blinds and windows for natural lighting, which is also good for your health.
  • Run bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans only as long as necessary. 


Save Energy Heating and Cooling at Home


Heating & Cooling

  • Weatherize your home by sealing air leaks around doors and windows and checking for any leaky faucets. 
  • Use small lamps, fans and space heaters rather than overhead lights or running central heat and cooling.
  • Clean or replace filters regularly. Dirty filters make your system work harder and run longer than necessary.
  • Set your thermostat to 20℃ in the winter and 25.5℃ in the summer.

We hope these tips help you stay energy-conscious now and well into the future. Together we can change the way our world is powered.

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