Proven Panel Technology
for Today’s Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants

A Legacy of Innovation

Successfully delivering a solar power plant is complicated. We know, because we’ve spent a lot of time designing, developing, constructing and operating some of the largest solar power plant installations around the world.

Today, we’re channeling all the knowledge from our past into innovative solar panels—panels that exceed the expectations of the EPCs and developers delivering today’s large-scale solar power plants. Our shared experience and understanding translates to better performing, highly reliable technology you can put your trust in.

White Paper:
SunPower Performance Technology for
Large-scale Installations

Reliability is more critical than ever to realising the LCOE benefits of today’s large-format, high-power solar panels. SunPower Performance panels are engineered to mitigate the detrimental effects of real-world operation of solar plants.

In our newly published whitepaper, learn about how SunPower technology uses unique materials to decrease or eliminate power loss from:

• Breakdown of soldered cell connections;
• Cell cracking;
• Debris shading and soiling;
• Potential Induced Degradation (PID);
• Hotspots, and more.
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Solar Power Plant Vietnam

The World’s Leading Energy Providers Choose SunPower Technology

Over the course of our 35+ years in solar, SunPower technology has been installed in more than 5 GW of solar power plants across 6 continents, enabling insightful relationships with some of the world’s most sophisticated utilities, developers and EPCs.

Solar Power Plant Clients

Panels Uniquely Engineered for Large-scale Solar Power Plant Installations

The innovative shingled cell design of SunPower Performance Panels delivers more energy, and savings, over traditional front contact panels. With more than 7 GW deployed across 60+ countries, SunPower Performance panels are the leading shingle cell panel on the market today and the ideal choice for solar power plants.

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Performance 6 panel

Scalable Manufacturing

The latest generation of shingled cell technology builds upon years of design and engineering innovation, while rapidly scaling manufacturing to meet demand from solar power plant EPCs and developers around the globe.


Panel Choice Matters in Solar Power Plants

Cell and Panel Manufacturing

We know it takes a lot of time and resources to bring a solar power plant project to life.

You need a technology partner that not only understands the risk you’re taking, but how their products impact every stage of your project.

Solar Power Plant View

Project Development

High power, high performance: SunPower Performance panels optimize project layout, reducing real estate cost. 

And our use of third-party PAN files ensures more accurate predictive modelling for your project.

Salvador PV

Project Finance

Project financiers mitigate risk by backing solar power plants that utilize technology with a proven track record.

SunPower panels are backed by Tier 1 manufacturer ratings from BNEF and IHS, while having the financial backing of Total S.A., the world's 6th largest public energy company.* Forbes, The World's Largest Oil & Gas Companies 2019. Forbes Global 2000.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction

EPC firms want a technology that is reliable, easy to install and keeps solar power plant construction costs down; while project owners want a technology they can trust to maximize their ROI.

Both can achieve greater peace of mind with SunPower technology.

Solar Power Plant Installation

Operations & Maintenance

What good is technology that constantly breaks down and needs attention?

SunPower Performance panels are backed by the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty, offering proven reliability to last in the field well beyond their warranty.

Solar Power Plant Monitoring

Leadership in Sustainable Manufacturing

SunPower technology was recognized with the first annual Sustainability Award from pv magazine. We strive to continue to produce panels as clean as the energy they produce. Read more about our sustainability practices.

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A Global Footprint

We’ve designed, developed, constructed, operated and supplied more than 5 GW of SunPower technology to some of the largest solar power plants around the world.

Solar Power Plants Global Footprint Map


Experience Matters

These are just some of the innovative solar power plants that have deployed SunPower technology since our first power plant installation in 2004.
Power Solar Power Plant Solar Star

Solar Star

At 747 MW, the largest solar power plant in the USA was developed, designed and built by SunPower for BHE Solar, a subsidiary of BHE Renewables, in 2015.

Solar Power Plant Limondale Project

Limondale Project

Commissioned by Belectric in 2020 for innogy, Australia’s largest solar power plant in Balranald, New South Wales features 872,000 SunPower Performance panels (349 MW).

Solar Power Plant Hong Phong

Hong Phong 4

Constructed by HaDo Group in 2019, this 48 MW project sits on the coast of south central Vietnam and features 120,000 SunPower Performance panels in Vietnam’s first solar power plant to utilize tracker technology.