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The SunPower Complete Confidence Panel Warranty provides the industry's most comprehensive 25-year power, product and service coverage for SunPower residential and commercial panels*Based on Oct. 2019 review of warranties on manufacturer websites for top 20 manufacturers per IHS 2018. . Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time—backed by extensive third party testing and field data from more than 35 million SunPower panels deployed worldwide.

Warranty details for purchases made in the United States and Canada are available here.

Solar Technology Warranty Shield
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Higher power output warranted than conventional power warranties: Up to 92% in year 251SunPower Maxeon panels provide a power production warranty to 92% in year 25. Many conventional panel manufacturers only warrant their products to 81% in year 25..

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Coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials for 25 years.

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Repair, replacement or reimbursement for any defective panel for 25 years, hassle free2Within the EU, service is applicable only to PV Module originally installed in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, or the United Kingdom. Scope of warranty coverage varies by country. For more information about the warranty terms and conditions available in your country, visit maxeon.com/legal..

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For over 35 years, SunPower panels have pushed the boundaries of solar innovation—from record-setting technology, to industry-leading design and engineering, to the first-rate customer experience SunPower partners deliver every day. SunPower panels are highly bankable technology recognized by the industry's most renowned advisors and backed by a solid global company. The lead investor in SunPower panel technology is Total S.A., the world's 6th largest public energy company1Source: Forbes, The World's Largest Oil & Gas Companies 2019. Forbes Global 2000.. We constantly demand more of ourselves, because you deserve all the advantages that better solar can provide.

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With SunPower, you get savings, certainty and long-term success. We offer high-performing solar products, and stand behind them with a stronger power warranty than conventional solar*Based on October 2019 review of warranties on manufacturer websites for top 20 manufacturers per IHS 2018..

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