40 Years of Lasting Energy
That’s 10 World Cup Finals


40 Years of Lasting Energy
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40 Years of Reliable Energy
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Our customers benefit from some of the strongest warranties in the solar industry. Whether you choose our flagship SunPower Maxeon panel line, backed by an incredible 40-year warranty,1 SunPower Maxeon solar panels are backed by a 40-year warranty. Subject to terms and conditions. Not available in all countries. 40-year warranty requires registration, otherwise our 25-year warranty applies. or our value-line SunPower Performance panels with their 25-year warranty, you can rest assured that you'll have peace of mind for decades to come.

SunPower Maxeon Panel
40-Year Warranty

Welcome to the solar industry’s longest warranty. It’s as exceptional as our quality solar technology. In fact, you’re 100 times more likely to return a standard solar panel than a SunPower Maxeon solar panel.2 SunPower and Conventional claim rates – "A Comparative Study: SunPower DC Solar Module Warranty Claim Rate vs. Conventional Panels." SunPower Corporation. 2019.

And since our warranty covers the panel and its performance, it’s much easier to process than standard warranties in the unlikely event that you will need it. We also include broader coverage for panel repair and replacement compared to other warranties.
Service availability varies by country and installation provider.

Our Maxeon panel’s 40-year warranty is one more way we make life better with solar.


The SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is available only in the countries listed in the selection box below. You can download the latest terms & conditions from your regional site.
SunPower Performance warranty terms and conditions are also included on these sites.

Customers in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal and Sweden are eligible for the 40 year Maxeon warranty and can locate warranty terms and conditions in our global website resource centre.3 If your country is not currently eligible for the 40-year Maxeon warranty, your SunPower panels will continue to be protected by our comprehensive 25-year product and performance warranty—terms and conditions can be found in the resources centre.

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Solar’s most innovative technology, is now
backed by its most comprehensive warranty

Industry-leading Warranty Coverage for
Your SunPower Maxeon System

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Highest warranted power output protection in the solar industry: 88.3% in year 40.

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Coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials for 40 years compared to the typical 12 to 25-year warranty of standard panels.

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Repair, replacement or refund for any defective panel for 40 years, hassle free, with removal, shipping and installation included in applicable countries4 Service availability varies by country and installation provider. .

SunPower Performance Panel Warranty

If your system features our high-reliability SunPower Performance panel line, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive warranty coverage of our 25-year Complete Confidence Panel Warranty.

Register your SunPower Performance product.

You will be able to:

  • Stay updated on the latest SunPower products and services
  • Get faster resolution for your queries
  • Share your feedback about your customer experience and your registered product with us
Register your SunPower Performance product.


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