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The Benefits of Large-Scale Solar Power Plants

pv magazine Webinar: "The Bigger the Module, the Bigger the ROI? Let's Crunch the Numbers!"
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Solar Power Plant Advantages 

Maxeon Solar Technologies recently had the pleasure of participating in pv magazine’s webinar, “The bigger the module, the bigger the ROI? Let’s crunch the numbers!”. During the session we discussed the benefits of large-scale solar power plants, and how solar power plant EPCs and developers can maximise output and return on investment for their next project using the latest generation of SunPower Performance solar modules—the SunPower Performance 5 UPP bifacial module. Here’s a quick recap with a link to the webinar presentation—be sure to check it out to learn more about some of the latest technological advances for large-scale solar projects, including: 

•    How cell cracks, PID, and unfavorable diode design can negatively impact a project’s economics. 
•    How larger format wafers are making a positive impact on module performance. 
•    How large form factor modules can drive down the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of large-scale solar power plants by reducing land, materials, and labour. 
•    How the pace of development surrounding larger modules is meshing with the development of balance of system components.

Check out the webinar for solar power plant advantages, a deep dive into the numbers, and how the industry trend toward more powerful modules has been driving down the LCOE of large-scale solar installation. We also cover how to mitigate some of the reliability and quality issues that could break the bank.


Download the pv magazine webinar presentation slide deck

Large-Scale Solar Power Plants Benefits PV Magazine Webinar