More than 400 scenarios for Europe to reach fossil fuel independence and energy self-sufficiency

Europe can achieve full energy independence by 2050

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Could Europe eliminate energy imports in the future and meet its needs exclusively with its own renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar?

The answer to these questions is yes, according to the results of a collaboration between researchers at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands and the Swiss university ETH Zurich.

“Using a modeling approach that takes into account the many technology options available and where these are best deployed, the study lists more than 400 cost-effective, carbon-free and self-sufficient European energy system designs.”1 “A green Europe with no energy imports”, ETH Zürich

And to show the results they have developed an open source online tool.

Within the possibilities offered by the tool, there is a variety of spatial configurations that allow different areas to be analyzed or regions of the European continent to be prioritized. Therefore, it is possible to study where to locate renewable energy centers or plants, knowing the possible advantages and disadvantages.

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A tool can lead Europe to energy self-sufficiency and independence from fossil fuels

The main function and priority behind the creation of this online tool, by researchers, is to help researchers and decision-makers better understand possible energy futures by enabling them to analyze with more certainty the conditions for creating a green and self-sufficient energy system environment for Europe.

Despite the various uncertainties to which the study is subject, the model and tool developed suggest that if European countries work together by pooling resources and knowledge, they can achieve independence and decarbonization.

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