Arpa Industriale sceglie SunPower per il proprio impianto fotovoltaico ed inizia la missione innovazione con l’energia solare

Arpa Industriale turns to solar energy

A sustainable transformation behind the scenes of innovative interior design products
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Powering Innovation

Sustainability must be based on evidence. This is the approach followed by Arpa Industriale, a Piedmontese company specializing in the production of high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels for interior design.

Solar panels and solar energy are the foundation of Arpa Industriale's sustainability policy for the future: a 2.55 MWp plant, developed with the support of Biotech Energia and SunPower technology will allow Arpa to meet its energy efficiency goals.


We're deploying a set of actions towards a more sustainable production process, as well as striving to develop innovative products that have a lower environmental impact.
Arch. Marini, Corporate Communications Manager and Art Director of Arpa Industriale

Award-winning materials for interior design now produced using solar energy

Continuous investment has allowed Arpa Industriale to focus on transitioning to the green economy and improve both energy supply and production processes of its HPL panels and award-winning Fenix products.

Arpa Industriale With SunPower Technology

Arpa Industriale chooses SunPower solar panels to power innovation.

For Arpa, Biotech Energia built a cutting-edge installation that allows the company to produce the energy needed for its manufacturing activities, reducing emissions and electricity drawdown from the grid. In order to maximize the installation's energy yield, Biotech Energia selected SunPower Performance technology to ensure the best results.

The objective of the project -- the installation of 6,000 SunPower Performance solar panels -- was to ensure maximum productivity, while meeting the requirements of current regulations: Biotech Energia successfully completed this "innovation-led project", installing the system in just over three months.

Arpa Industriale SunPower Technology Installation

Arpa Industriale's solar panel system installed by Biotech Energia

Biotech Energia, a SunPower partner delivering innovation

Marco Ferrero, CEO of Biotech Energia, had no hesitation in choosing SunPower solar panel technology, with which he has been working since 2009, the year Biotech Energia was founded. The quality and reliability of the product, the panels' performance, always above expectations, drove the decision towards a solid and lasting partnership with SunPower Italy.

We chose to count on SunPower Performance solar panels because of the guarantee of durability, better performance, and less degradation over the years of system operation.
Ing. Battaglia, Maintenance and Engineering Manager at Arpa Industriale

Operational since January 2020, Arpa Industriale's photovoltaic system has already achieved an efficiency that turned out to be 8.5% higher than the initial simulations. Through consumption of over 90% of the solar energy it produces (with daily summer peaks of 98%), the installation will allow reduction of energy drawdown from the grid by 18%. Arpa will consume about 2,600MWh/year of the energy it produces (over 70,000MWh over 25 years), offering a truly unique opportunity to embrace sustainability. At Arpa Industriale, its mission to create innovative materials for architecture means no compromise on delivering on environmental objectives.

Arpa Industriale SunPower Solar Panels Installation

SunPower technology allows you to benefit from maximum power while ensuring the highest efficiency.

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