instalación completa llave en mano de 600 W, con paneles bifaciales Performance, Stryker, Mexico

Solar Power for the Health Sector


Transitioning your business to solar power is not just an eco-conscious initiative but also a smart financial strategy. Demographic data tell us that health is more than an idea—it’s a global necessity that is constantly growing. Reducing energy costs can help companies invest in innovation or improve their production capacity. In this article, we will show you how solar power is the perfect partner for financial growth and resilience in a world that values wellness more than ever.

Technology and solar power: The transformation of a respiratory care giant

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, a pioneering technology company with ventilator patents, is firmly committed to excellence in every aspect of its business, from product development to facilities. This is a company that saves lives every day, so every aspect of its business reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence. In its drive for perfection, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare aspires to a zero-carbon footprint and a move toward clean energy, where quality and care are at the center of all its operations.

Through a nationwide call for bids, the company conducted rigorous assessments to select the right supplier. Despite a disadvantage in price, SunPower Maxeon’s 40-year panel warranty and exceptional quality and Lux Salvo’s installation experience and after-sales service made them the best choice. After the estimated 5-year return on initial investment, these panels will keep generating savings for at least 35 more years.

This solar power system, located in Tijuana, consists of 1,330 SunPower Maxeon panels with a total capacity of 625 kW. It is expected to generate approximately 997 MWh of clean energy each year. In addition to seeing major savings on its energy bills, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has reduced its emissions by an amount equivalent to 1.8 million miles driven by gas-powered vehicles, thereby contributing to a healthier environment.

Instalación completa llave en mano de 625 kW por Fisher & Paykel Healthcare en Tijuana

Sun-powered medical device manufacturing

Stryker Manufacturing is a leader in medical device and equipment manufacturing. Its approach is centered on producing innovative technologies to improve healthcare and patient quality of life—and now it has embraced solar power to promote sustainability in its production. During the bidding process, Lux Salvo demonstrated the advantages of the SunPower Performance bifacial panels for this project.

The Stryker Manufacturing solar power system consists of 1,132 SunPower Performance bifacial panels with a total capacity of 600 kW. It is expected to generate approximately 1 GWh of clean energy every year. On top of its financial savings, Stryker Manufacturing has reduced its emissions by an amount equivalent to 159 gas-powered vehicles.

The ‘good value’ pricing strategy for this type of panel, along with our portfolio, inspires a lot of trust in our customers. We provide direct contacts to other customers who have invested in projects with sizable budgets so that they can share their experience, said the Chief Commercial Officer
Octavio Garza, from Lux Salvo.
Instalación completa llave en mano de 625 kW por Fisher & Paykel Healthcare en Tijuana

Worry-free installation thanks to our Partner

Both companies have very strict safety standards and “as suppliers, we took care of them every step of the way,” Garza added. However, wind was an unexpected challenge, causing down time during installation. Garza explained:

Some weeks, we were only able to work two days because of adverse weather conditions. This affected workforce productivity and posed challenges when it came to meeting the agreed deadlines. Nevertheless, our dedication and commitment to the success of the project prevailed. We were able to improve productivity and obtained two extra weeks of margin to the 90 days before operation to contend with weather conditions.

Optimizing to win with energy

In terms of energy savings, we offer daily monitoring of real-time power generation and billing. Customers can anticipate what their next bill will look like, as it is directly related to the percentage of solar power generated. There is also a +/-5% tolerance on estimated savings.

What’s more, since regular cleaning of solar panels on commercial roofs is key to yield in this sector, both customers have entrusted us with maintaining their systems and providing them with valuable information to optimize operating results through continuous monitoring. We are committed to providing long-term, comprehensive solutions for economic and environmental success for medical businesses through the smart use of solar power.

Join the solar revolution and lead your company into a cleaner, healthier future with Lux Salvo and SunPower!