Bush Heritage - AU Maxeon Gives

SunPower Australia’s generous donation empowers Bush Heritage's vision of “Healthy Country Protected Forever”

Maxeon Panels

As part of its global “Maxeon Gives” initiative, SunPower Australia gifted a 20.5kW SunPower Performance solar PV system to the Bush Heritage Australia organization for their Charles Darwin Reserve located in remote Western Australia.        

The 'Maxeon Gives' program is a testament to Maxeon's enduring commitment to powering communities and organizations worldwide with innovative, affordable, and sustainable energy. This donation stands as a beacon of hope for a brighter, greener future.        

Bush Heritage is a leading not-for-profit conservation organisation that protects ecosystems and wildlife across the continent. They use the best science, conservation and right-way knowledge to deliver landscape-scale impact. They are a unified force for nature, grounded in science and culture. They’re on the ground, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the agricultural sector to make sure our impact is deep, sustainable and collaborative. There are close to 2,000 animals and plants on Australia’s threatened species list. Bush Heritage steps in where they’re needed most, protecting all species on their reserves.        

The Charles Darwin Reserve, a sprawling 68,000 hectares of Badimaya country, lies Northeast of Perth. Purchased in 2003 with the help of Chris Darwin, Charles Darwin's great-great-grandson, the land serves as a sanctuary for numerous animals in its primeval woodlands and wildflower-decked plains. Given the history of extensive clearing in south-west Western Australia, this reserve is a critical refuge for animals and plants once common in the region, and is part of Australia's globally recognised biodiversity 'hotspot', the Southwest Botanical Province.         

“So, the panels that we've chosen are the performance series from SunPower and these really handle the extreme heat that we see in this semi-arid country that we're in where Charles Darwin Reserve is.” Rob Jurjevich, General Manager Secure Energy.        


The 20.5kW SunPower Performance solar system gifted by Maxeon will replace the existing system, providing more capacity for welcoming guests and volunteers year-round to carry out conservation work. This upgrade will also allow Dr. Jessica Stingemore to reduce reliance on a noisy, polluting diesel generator, minimizing disruption to wildlife. The climate conditions can be harsh in this area, with temperatures often reaching above 40°C and therefore requiring reliable and durable products.