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Wednesday June 30, 2021
Efficiency of SunPower Products
30 min
Solutions for common situations on residential and commercial roofs. The customer gets the maximum return on his investment.
8:30 (BST) / 9:30 (CET):
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Wednesday July 7, 2021
The effect of shading and dirt
30 min
What is the advantage of SunPower in situations with shading or pollution on the panels? In this webinar, the technology behind the smart benefits is explained in detail.
8:30 (BST) / 9:30 (CET):
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Wednesday July 14, 2021
Maxeon in the spotlight
30 min
Maxeon panels reliability and technology comparison. Detailed explanation of the features that make the Maxeon line so reliable compared to conventional solar technology.
8:30 (BST) / 9:30 (CET):
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Advantages of high
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In this webinar we cover how high efficiency solar panels enable you to easily solve recurring challenges with residential and commercial rooftops.

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Advantages of Maxeon solar
panels in partial shade

In this webinar we present the advantages of Maxeon solar panels in partial shade or dust.

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