SunPower One
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As easy as turning on the light

SunPower One is an ecosystem of products and services enabling homeowners to make the most of the clean energy they produce.
The SunPower One ecosystem works seamlessly together for a connected experience creating greater savings and energy independence for the consumer. Clean energy has never been so easy.

Light On with SunPower One Ecosystem

Incredibly smart

Most energy solutions on the market stop at showing you only the performance of your solar system. SunPower One goes further, identifying opportunities at home to conserve the energy you create. It can direct devices to use surplus energy and make recommendations on the best time to run your appliances for maximum energy efficiency. For added security, it will also alert you automatically of any system-related issues.

SunPower One Ecosystem Incredibly Smart Control

One easy-to-use platform

SunPower One is designed to strengthen the connection between installers and homeowners.

In addition to insights for homeowners, the platform delivers a tailored set of installer tools showing installation history, warranty registration and deeper insights into the performance of their customers’ systems. They will even be alerted when opportunities for system expansion or maintenance arise. The platform also offers easy access to SunPower support including training, marketing, and ordering tools.

SunPower One Strengthen the Connection