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Maxeon 5 - 450 440 430 (COM - EN)

SunPower Maxeon panels combine high efficiency with the strongest durability and warranty available in the market today, resulting in more long-term energy and savings.

Maxeon 5 AC 420 415 410 400 AC - (RES - [EN])

Maxeon 5 AC Module Eigenheime Faltblatt (RES - AT)

Maxeon 5 AC Module Residential Leaflet (RES - EN)

Performance P3 - 420 35mm (COM - EN)

Performance P3 335-315 BLK (RES - EN)

With a sleek black design that elegantly blends into any roof, the third-generation SunPower Performance 3 panel combines enhanced warranty terms with an expanded active cell area that delivers increased power and efficiency over previous generation panels.

Performance P5 - Power Plant 545W (UPP - EN)

Performance Power Plant Bifacial Solar Panels are engineered to meet the unique needs of large-scale solar power plants.

Safety and Installation Manual - SunPower AC PV Modules (RES - EN)

Safety and Installation Manual - SunPower PV Modules

Sicherheits und Installationshinweise - Maxeon 5 AC Module (RES - AT)

SunPower Maxeon Panels Leaflet (EN)

SunPower Maxeon panels are fundamentally different. And better. With its unique copper foundation, Maxeon cell technology delivers exceptional quality and industry-leading results.