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For almost four decades, SunPower has been illuminating lives with our trailblazing panel technology, the foundation of our solutions. Our innovations have lit up a million homes and businesses in Australia and worldwide. 

Today, we're offering you a simple, effortless path to sustainable living, thanks to our innovative solutions. Light up a brighter, smarter future with SunPower.


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From efficiency to reliability and design, there is no better choice in solar.


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Our solar technology is designed to last. That's why our Maxeon line has a longest warranty in solar: 40 years.


Solar with Purpose

SunPower is the most sustainable choice in solar. So you don't have to sacrifice premium performance for sustainability.

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A SunPower solution is your brightest choice!

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For me, SunPower are the best solar cells that exist. The most efficient and the most durable too. It doesn't get any better than SunPower.
Raphael Domjan, Solar pioneer, pilot of Solar Stratos and homeowner
We chose SunPower technology because we needed to maximise energy production on a restricted roof space and we needed panels that could be customised to the rooftop’s unique design. We also wanted a durable product that lasts longer than standard panels and is produced using sustainably sourced materials.
Powerhouse Telemark Project Team
Kennew chose SunPower Maxeon technology, because it is the most advanced technology. Sunpower Maxeon panels are the most efficient panels on the market.
Daniele Botti, CEO of Kennew, SunPower Elite Partner, Italy

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