Maxeon 5 AC Modules: Engineered to Perform for Superior Reliability

Most solar modules are designed and tested to perform only in ideal sunny conditions. SunPower Maxeon 5 AC Module systems are specifically engineered to deliver more power from the real conditions on your roof, more reliably, than conventional home solar systems.
To understand more about the reliability of solar panels, let’s take a deeper look.
Not all solar panels maintain the same reliability over time. Some panels will resist and keep on working in all conditions for their superior quality and strong build. Their structure grants autonomy and independent functioning.

Maxeon 5: A Simply More Reliable Foundation

At the heart of the Maxeon 5 AC Module system is the SunPower Maxeon DC module, a solar panel with unmatched reliability, maintaining a 2-3x power advantage over conventional panels1 Jordan, D. et. al. “Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application.” PVSC 2019 pre-print. , outperforming the competition in heat2 Based on temperature coefficients values from datasheet review. , humidity and even wild temperature swings over time.

Maxeon solar cells have unique cell architecture to avoid “hot spots” that can damage conventional solar cells and panels in partial shade. The design of the Maxeon cell also provides multiple pathways for current to flow in case of disruptions such as shade, all while operating at cooler temperatures to avoid hot spot damage.

The Maxeon cell uses a solid metal backing to conduct electricity, rather than a conventional front-sided metal grid system, to absorb more sunlight. This solid metal backing adds massive strength to each cell and supports the thick, triple-redundant connectors that interconnect the cells.

Maxeon cells are built to protect against cracks and breakage caused by swings between hot and cold temperatures, mechanical stresses that result from shipping to your home, and snow and wind loads.

A Hidden Advantage: Microinverters

This powerful device sits behind each individual solar panel, enabling the DC solar panel to produce AC power for use in your home. It also extends the advantages of your highly durable SunPower panels – starting with the fact that each panel and microinverter is attached in a quality-controlled, specialised factory, and ships as one integrated product.


How Maxeon 5 AC Systems Eliminate Common Solar Failures

A typical solar system connects a series of panels together and energy flows through one inverter called a “string inverter”. With a SunPower AC system, each panel’s integrated microinverter allows every panel to operate independently.

The differences between these two system designs can have a huge effect on your system output. For example, if one string inverter fails, the whole system is down. In comparison if one microinverter fails, you will only lose the production on that one module.


Greater reliability with no centralized point of panel failure

Some panels will provide with greater reliability with no centralized point of panel failure. SunPower Maxeon AC modules have distributed architecture.

String inverters have other disadvantages too. For example, most inverters will only work when a minimum voltage level is reached leaving your system unable to capture early morning or late afternoon sunlight.

In another scenario, if one panel in a conventional string system fails or is shaded, the voltage may dip below what is necessary for the string inverter to function properly. Not so with the microinverter, you’re still isolating the energy loss just to the affected panel.

Stronger performance in real-world conditions from independent panel operation

Some panels will provide with greater reliability thanks to string inverter system. Their strongest performance in real-world conditions make SunPower Maxeon AC modules the best choice.


Combining the Maxeon cell architecture with the benefits of a microinverter design creates greater reliability over the lifetime of your SunPower Maxeon 5 AC system and superior output in real-world conditions—not to mention the enhanced curb appeal that comes with a simpler, cleaner system design.​

And it’s all backed by the peace of mind that comes with 40 years of category-leading warranty protection* SunPower Maxeon solar panels are backed by a 40-year warranty. Subject to terms and conditions. Not available in all countries. 40-year warranty requires registration, otherwise our 25-year warranty applies. and the professional expertise gained from 35+ years in solar.