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Achieving One of the First Green Buildings in France

Take a tour inside a positive energy building of the future
Be Issy, SunPower solar installation, first green building in France

Natural sunlight filters through large windows and gardens grow outside and on terraces. Home to companies and offices, the building boasts additional amenities to enjoy meals and host conferences.

Behind the scenes, the structure is silently working hard to produce clean energy that powers its own operations.

Introducing Be Issy, a modern-concept residential and commercial green building in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, producing more energy than it consumes and demonstrating ultimate efficiency and energy production in new green design.

By harnessing the power of SunPower solar panels, as well as many other sustainable materials, techniques, design and architectural concepts, Be Issy sustains its day-to-day operations and more.


Green Building and Design

Completed in the summer of 2018, the eight-floor building is located near the Issy RER C Station for commute and transportation convenience. It conveys modernity and futuristic thinking in its functional tripod design, use of green space, responsible aesthetic and many tributes to biodiversity throughout.

As urban populations increase and become more dense over time, cities and developers will need to harness holistic approaches to associated environmental, ecological and environmental challenges.

Renewable energy partner and solar PV installer, Solstyce, chose SunPower technology from the project’s conception. Adding solar to the building and obtaining the green labels and certificates were essential to add value to the property, securing a smart financial approach for investors. 

When Be Issy was conceptualized and built in 2015, contractors anticipated upcoming green building trends and regulations, such as the energy positive and carbon negative moment. Now in 2020, contractors are looking toward regulations such as RE2020, which will include environmental and energy production requirements. Being ahead of the curve ensures that the value of the building isn’t lost.

"Taking an innovative, future-proof approach by complying to expected future building standards ensures that the building will achieve a higher value over time, which ultimately creates a better financial investment. It’s an economical calculation and reality."
Louis Sirand, Sales Director at Solstyce

Sustainability certifications obtained by the project include the BiodiverCity label, WiredScore Gold, Well Gold 2017, BEPOS Effinergie and BREEAM Excellent. 

The building was also one of the first to benefit from the BEPOS (positive energy building) label and the WELL certification for the well-being of users.

Be Issy’s 219 kW solar panel system includes SunPower E20-327 COM (327 Wp) panels, located on top of the building.

“The roof is a space-constrained area and was full of obstacles and functional items, making it difficult to pack enough power on the roof,” Sirand said. “SunPower technology made it possible to reach the energy requirements to fulfill the labels and scores.”

As building trends evolve, solar installer partners such as Solstyce note that panels’ sustainability scores make a difference in obtaining labels and building-level sustainability scores. 

“E+C-” building requirements and regulations such as RE2020 become easier to meet with SunPower Maxeon panel’s Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ Bronze status.1 Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

“Sustainability is becoming a true differentiator in the economic reality of the building sector,” Sirand said. “SunPower has constantly been at the forefront of efficiency, certifications and lowering our carbon footprint.”