Maxeon Solar Cell Technology
Powerful solar cells for your next project

Solar Car NUNA 8, powered by Maxeon Solar Cells

Solar is not just for your roof anymore. It’s used in a broad range of applications from transportation and scientific endeavours, to charging the growing number of devices that power our lives. And SunPower’s Maxeon solar cell technology is perfect for these types of projects.

Powerful & Durable Solar Cell Technology

The Maxeon solar cell is fundamentally different from conventional solar. And dramatically better at delivering unmatched reliability and the highest efficiency available.* Highest of over 3,200 silicon solar panels, Photon Module Survey, Feb 2014.

SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell Exploded View


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More power for more savings. Maxeon Solar Technologies leads the industry in solar panel efficiency available today.* SunPower 360W compared to a Conventional Panel on same size arrays (260W, 16% efficient, approx. 1.6m2), 4% more energy per watt (based on 3pty module characterization).

Weather Resistant

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Ranked No. 1 in the industry for durability,* "PV Module Durability Initiative Public Report," Fraunhofer ISE, Feb 2013. Five out of the top 8 largest manufacturers were tested. Campeau, Z. et al. "SunPower Warranty Review, Feb 2013. so they’re able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of even the most unforgiving conditions.

High Design

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The back contact design of the Maxeon Solar cell technology allows a seamless appearance on the surface of the cell.

Efficient Solar Cells Chosen by Champions

Maxeon’s efficient solar cells have fueled more than two dozen solar race cars around the world, and helped planes and boats circumnavigate the planet on solar energy.

Maxeon Solar Cells Chosen By Champions

Strong Enough for the High Seas

The unique design of Maxeon’s efficent solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional cells fail, like rust and corrosion—making it the perfect choice for the high seas.

PlanetSolar Sails Seas Powered By Maxeon Solar Cells

Solar Takes Flight

Maxeon Solar Technologies takes flight with Solar Impulse. A solar-powered airplane that’s breaking world records as it soars around the globe—using the same advanced Maxeon Solar Cell Technology we use to power your homes and businesses.

Maxeon Solar Cells Used by Solar Impulse

Strong Enough for the Icecap

Maxeon Solar Technologies stands up to the toughest conditions on earth. It’s no wonder our Maxeon solar cell technology was chosen to power scientific research in Greenland, and was rated #1 for durability in third-party testing.

NASA Grover Pioneer Powered by Maxeon Solar Cells

Ready to use Maxeon’s Efficient Solar Cells to power your next project?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy less than one box of cells (1500 cells) and one box of tabs (1200)?

Maxeon Solar Technologies cannot sell less than one box.

I see SunPower cells for sale on the internet. Are these sales by Maxeon Solar Technologies also?

These are not SunPower or Maxeon Solar Technologies sales sites. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness or safety of those cells.

Can I buy more cells than shown on the price list?

Yes, please provide a note on how many cells you are interested in and a sales person will get back to you.

What is the difference between High and Medium Cosmetic Quality?

Cells with a high cosmetic quality have slight color variations on the front side. After laminating, the color of the solar cells has a dark appearance even with a black background. Cells with a moderate cosmetic quality have some color variations on the front side. After laminating, the color variations on the cells became less obvious but are often still visible when inspected from short distances.

How can I attach the SunPower tabs to the cells?

There are a number of methods but often cell customers use a soldering iron.