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SunPower Reserve

SunPower Reserve

SunPower Reserve stores your energy and lets you access solar when you need it, while the SunPower One app controls it all.
Through the pivotal role played by the SunPower One app in this groundbreaking solution, you will also be able to have a tight control over the energy levels and the consumption of various connected devices. you will also be able to monitor the savings you are generating and see with absolute clarity the many advantages of going solar.
Once you get SunPower Reserve installed, just download and tap on the app and a useful flow of truly understandable and actionable data with be at your disposal.

Save money, cut carbon. Easy.

Use SunPower Reserve to store your energy, and the SunPower One app to control it. Check your storage status anytime. Or change your settings from anywhere. Act on the app’s insights and set personal and community goals to save money and carbon – in a way that you’ll actually understand.

SunPower Solar Storage Battery Charges a Car

Access clean energy, anytime.

SunPower Reserve lets you access solar exactly when you need it: not only can you store clean energy – you also have a built-in power supply that can’t be interrupted.
And while Reserve has an industry-leading lifespan – thanks to safer, more reliable battery chemistry – SunPower will be there if you ever need support.

SunPower Ecosystem Rooftop Installation

No grid, no problem

Along with powering positive change, Reserve can protect your home from grid instability. If there’s an outage, the system reliably kicks in – you might not even notice it’s happened.
Together, SunPower Reserve and SunPower One make going off-grid easy, giving you complete control of your home’s energy.

SunPower One Ecosystem - House with Maxeon Panels

Maximise your energy savings with local expertise