The power’s
in your hands

Woman Uses SunPower One Application

Ever seen the kilowatts you’ve used and thought kilo-what?
Now, the SunPower One app is here to make energy-saving easy to understand and act on.
Set personal and community goals to save money and carbon.
Compare your energy use to real costs (like the price of a coffee) or real carbon footprints (like a train journey) so you can see every bit of progress every day.

Knowledge is power

Discover exactly how much energy your home generates and uses in real-time. Expose devious power-hungry appliances – yes, any electric device, not just your SunPower ones – with expert tips on how to save more energy. And if you’ve got any questions, you can get in touch with your installer at the touch of a button. The SunPower One app works with our storage battery SunPower Reserve.


SunPower One - House Illustration

Making energy-saving easy

You’ve got the insight. You’ve got your goals. But how do you put it into action? Well, we’ll send notifications on how to make simple but effective changes right when you need them, based on the way you personally use energy.

For example, this might come through on your phone:

‘Turn your AC down by 1° to save 6% more energy today’

Saving your pennies and the planet never felt easier, thanks to the complete SunPower ecosystem.


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Maximise your energy savings with local expertise